Marketing for Speakers and Nonprofits: Paper AND Plastic

Last night, I had dinner with a computer genius who consults  to software and hardware developers and writes for the New York Times. He wants to get back on the speaking circuit. He has a new photo, thanks to ace photographer Suzy Gorman. When I asked him about working on his one-sheet, he told me he is only going to market on-line. NOT. This is a common mistake my nonprofit clients make. It is not a paper or plastic world, as our grocery stores found out. People want a choice and information has to be available in more than one form. Its about paper AND plastic.

     The deal is this: When folks leave a great talk we’ve given, they frequently remember what we’ve said, but not our name. If they have a piece of paper in their hand, they can pass it off to a boss or their assistant and say, “We have to have this Carol for our next meeting.” Or, as happened to me two weeks ago, they file our one-sheet, and call 6 years later, having schlepped our one-sheet from job to job. (God bless the pack rat!!!)

     The same thing is true for nonprofits. Some of our clients want to find out about us on the web, some by word of mouth, some in the paper, some want to come for a visit. Its not about marketing our services and philanthropic investment opportunities in just one way.

     All of this is to say, David, you have to print a one-sheet! The good news is that you have lots of great photos thanks to Suzy.

Carol Weisman, MSW, CSP, Speaker and Plastic Bag Saver


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  1. Right you are Carol! Paper AND plastic. You must have written material. In the future, if your friend wants to work with bureaus or associations, they will insists on written materials.

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