To Make Money, Speak for Free

I love the Rotary. For one thing, all of the hot middle age men are there. If my hunky husband of 31 years corks off before I do, after a stint at Weight Watchers, I’m heading straight for the nearest Rotary meeting. I’ve had three friends who have found guys at their Rotary Clubs. Last week I gave a pro bono talk on my book “Raising Charitable Children.” This week, I’m writing a proposal for a strategic plan for Rebuilding Together. The executive director had heard me present at their national meeting years ago, but I just wasn’t on her radar screen. Thanks to my Rotary gig, I’ve been asked to submit a proposal.

A free speech in 1996 got me a 5 year PBS-Learning Institute gig for which I won not only a Telly Award, but landed me about 1/3 of my client base for those years. A free speech in New Jersey resulted in a recent call from a pharmaceutical company 6 years later.

Because I’m in the speaking business and this isn’t a hobby or a loss leader, I cap my free talks at 12 per year, but it beats eating a sandwich at my desk. Plus, I have a lot of single girl friends, and I can check out those Rotary stud muffins!

Carol Weisman, MSW, CSP, Rotary Groupie


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