What to See in London

If you have a chance to see the musical the Lord of the Rings in London, don’t pass it up. I have never been a Tolkien fan, but this is part Cirque de Soleil, part The Lion King and all dazzling. If you weigh more than 71 lbs or are taller than 5’3, you might not find the 3 hour production comfortable, but Frank and I are tough. We did 14 1/2 hours in coach going to Australia and the entertainment wasn’t nearly so poignant or delightful. Well worth the squeeze.

Went to visit our favorite London pals today. I met Bee on a train 19 years ago when she was brutalizing some needlepoint. She was doing something perverted with tape and when I just couldn’t stand it anymore, I told her that I taught needlepoint and asked her if she needed some help. She let me teach her about the basketweave stitch and on the long ride from Edinburgh to London, she told  about her predicament with her divine Catholic boy friend Tony and her Orthodox Jewish parents.  

Fast forward 19 years and Tony and Bee have two adorable kids ages 9 and 13 and her parents have adjusted. We are the American Grandparents to Harry and Sophie and delight in our yearly inspection.

The funniest visit was about 4 years ago when, after seeing them on a Sunday, I ran into Tony the next evening at a work related cocktail reception. I went over and gave him a big hug and a kiss. My marvelous client was gobsmacked. She said, “Do you know that bloke.” I, of course, said, “Never seen him before in my life.” Tony and I are still laughing about it.My client Tesse recovered and I’m working for her again tomorrow. Ta for now! 


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