The Magical Week

We’ve all had weeks where nothing goes right. Last week was just magical. I went to work in Williamsport, PA for the First Community Foundation of Williamsport, which is actually the 6th Community Foundation in the US. My hostess, Julie Adams, was hyperventilating big time. In the past, they had a dinner, but it had gotten to the point where the banks that bought a table were sending their tellers, so they thought they’d have a speaker instead. Enter moi. Julie and I talked about having an afternoon workshop on getting your board involved in fund-raising. Her goal was 50. It sold out at 165, the max the venue held and there was a waiting list. The afternoon session went great and Julie went from grey to pink. My friend David Strom (A fabulous man to know) had pitched a story to the NY Times about my book “Raising Charitable Children.” They bit. I got a call from the Times and they asked if they could send a reporter to Williamsport. I thought for about a nanosecond and said yes. Not only did the reporter show up, but so did PBS to film the Raising Charitable Children speech. I had forgotten that I had signed a release. It just kept getting better. Three flights later, I was in Oklahoma City. It only takes as long to get from Williamsport, PA to Oklahoma City as it does to get from LA to Melbourne. (In case you were wondering). Again, I had a fabulous hostess. Not only did Gayle Farley take me out for great Mexican food, but when I got back to my amazing hotel room at the newly renovated Skirvin Hilton, a bag of designer chocolates arrived in my room. Heaven. I did my speech, hopped on my 7th and 8th flights of the week and arrived home happy on Friday night. On Saturday, I had a phone interview with a reporter who wanted to know about family giving traditions. I had no idea what publication the reporter was from. I asked her. She said Parade. I asked which Parade. She said THE Parade, the magazine with the largest distribution of any magazine in the world. I just sat there stupefied. We chatted for 45 minutes. She told me that on Monday she would be talking to Bill Clinton for the same article about his book “Giving” and to expect a call from a fact checker and that the article will appear on Dec. 16. I hung up. I stared into the horizon and had a moment of utter contentment. Perhaps this week there will be a cure for cellulite. One can only hope!


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