Will I Ever Be a Lady?

winifred.jpgMy Mother used to tell my that her Mom would despair of her wild antics and tell her that she would never be a lady. In fact, my Mom became exactly the kind of lady I want to become and continue at times to fall short of: fun, forgiving, wise and compassionate. I spent time with another such Lady in London last week. As Frank says, she is three times a Lady. She was born the daughter of a Lord, she married a Lord and in her own right, she has the Order of the British Empire and now the Commander of the British Empire. Lady Winifred Tumin is simply one of my favorite people in the world. Frank and I saw her at the NCVO meeting where I was speaking and she invited us for lunch to her new digs on the Themes.

 What I don’t love about her house are the four levels of stairs, but Winnie is in her seventies and still has fabulous gams, so running up and down the stairs is paying off.

What I do adore about the house is the art. Like Winnie, it is eclectic and fun and discerning and varied. I wish I had that kind of taste.  Every room makes you want to curl up with your favorite tipple, whether latte or wine, and either read a favorite book or cuddle your favorite  sweetie.

But the best thing about lunch at Lady Winifred Tumin’s are Winnie’s stories. She is a raconteur’s raconteur. We sat glued as she told us about going into hiding during the Irish uprising when her late husband was found to be on at the top of the list of people scheduled to be assassinated.

 A title is pretty much out of the question for moi, and I’ll never have legs like Winifred or my Mom, but to achieve even the slightest bit of their joie de vivre would make me one happy little mud hen.

Carol Weisman, MSW, CSP, not quite a lady


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  1. matthew said

    i to have met this amazing woman,
    and i am filled with great sadness at the news of her death today,
    my thoughts are with her family and friends,


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