The Most Common Misconception About Fundraising

When I do a board retreat and ask trustees what they would prefer not to be asked to do, the most common answer is “Fundraising.”

 The reason is that they don’t understand what fundraising is. That is only a teeny, tiny portion of what fundraising is all about.

There are so many things that a very shy, person can do in the process of fundraising. A person who loves to cook. A person who is great at research. Someone who can do calligraphy or type or speak passionately about a cause. Or write a thank-you note. All without asking for money.

Fundraising can be a team sport or be done in solitary. The beauty of it is that if you care deeply about a cause,there are ways to ensure the resources to meet the needs of an organization, whether your idea of a good time is a liter of coke, a bag of Doritos and the newest Newt Gingrich book, or getting together with 2000 of your nearest and dearest and running a marathon.

I will be spending some time in my blog exploring all of the ways to raise funds for all of you who care, but are ask averse. The truth is, although I ask, I am one of you!

Carol Weisman, MSW, CSP, Ask Averse fundraiser


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