Mornings…It Isn’t About the Coffee

Rita in the MorningIf I lived in England, I would not be a happy camper. One’s regular hangout tends to be the neighborhood pup, which can be very smoky and not surprisingly, full of people drinking. What is great about living where I am in Clayton, Missouri, is that my choice of hangout is as varied as are the quality of the coffee and the fascinating people you meet.

In addition to a great latte, Northwest Coffee is where my pal Rita hangs out. Rita and I live in different worlds. When we first met, she was a personal shopper at Saks, now at Neiman Marcus. I am about the same age as her kids. What I love about Rita is that she has no filter between her brain and her mouth. You always know exactly where she stands. In today’s PC society, an outspoken, totally honest woman is a rare find.

When she has helped me find a special outfit at Saks, I always knew that her opinion could be trusted. And it was reflected in the compliments I got from the clothing I bought when she helped me. She doesn’t write her customers thank you notes like the folks at Nordstrom’s. Her customers write her thank you notes. She would rather fore-go a sale than have a customer look anything but her best.

I also appreciate her use of language. When she had heart surgery, she told me that, “He cut my incision on the bias.” Her surgeon probably didn’t even know “a bias cut” was in his operative  repertoire.

Having such an out-spoken friend can also be a bit startling. I showed her a photo of my son Frank and she said, “He’s gorgeous. Is he adopted?” My son was appalled. I thought it was hysterical.

For a great latte and some home truths, you can’t beat Northwest Coffee and Rita in the morning.

Carol Weisman, MSW, CSP, full of caffeine


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  1. Mike Wind said


    It’s a “pub” – not a “pup”

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