My Feud With Denzel Washington

parade.jpgI don’t know what the story is with this guy. I think he just gets up in the morning and thinks, “How can I prevent Carol Weisman from peddling a few books or getting another speaking gig.” But that is how Denzel Washington is. Its time the public knew the truth.

This all began about 5 years ago when I was suppose to do an opening for a large nonprofit’s anniversary. It was going to be a live audience of 10,000, my biggest to date. I got an excited call from the meeting planner 2 weeks before the engagement informing me that Denzel Washington had volunteered to do it for free. I responded, “And your point is?” His point was that not only were the bumping me, but they would appreciate it if I would return the deposit. The planner then used my absolute favorite line (NOT!) “You know we’re a nonprofit.” I managed not to say, “No duh.” I then offered to not make them pay the balance of the amount they had committed to in their contract and would apply the deposit to future work for them and that they would owed me for the plane fare. He thought this was very ungracious of me. I thought I was being a real sport. He then told me that Denzel was paying his own transporting. I hung up.

Fast forward another year and a half. Denzel attacks part two. Same thing. Big nonprofit keynote. Denzel offers to do it for free. I’m out. The good news on that one is that they paid my full fee.

This morning Parade Magazine came out. This mag has the largest distribution in the world: 90 million.  I had done an hour interview with a reporter for the story on American Giving. She was thrilled with what I had to say. She said that she was going to feature my book. I was ecstatic. Guess who is on the cover of Parade with Oprah? If you said Denzel,  a duck should be coming down about now.  Guess who is still made the article, but on the last page? Moi.

Well, the gloves are off. No right thinking person could think this was a coincidence. He is out to get me. Therefore, my New Years Resolution, which I proclaim today. I am going to start auditioning for all of his parts. Boxing movies, gangsters, the lot. Beware, Mr. W. Carol has your number!

Carol Weisman, MSW, CSP, not afraid of the fame and good looks and generosity of Denzel Washington


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  1. denzel washington is of course one of the sexiest black actors that you can ever see ‘`;

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