The Myth of PR

OK, so in the last month, I got my book Raising Charitable Childrenin an article in Parade Magazine, circulation 90 million, as the cover story of Scholastic Parent and Child, circulation 9 million, in the on-line edition of the New York Times, add in, oh, let’s say another 11 people. So on Monday, I get an order from Amazon. My hands areaquiver. I can smell the dough. I’m ready to do the money dance. I enter my magic pass word. The order appears. One book. Yes, you read it correctly. It was an order for one, uno, eins, 1 book. And not only that, it WAS NOT Raising Charitable Children. It was Build a Better Board in 30 Days!

Is there a black cloud over my head? I don’t know. Are there 10,000 new copies in a warehouse on the lovely Missouri Riverfront? That I do know. The answer is yes.

And yet…and yet…I got the sweetest letter for a guy asking me to send him 6 more for his family and how much it had changed his life. If only he had a slightly larger family. Like 9999 more members. Will keep you posted.

Carol Weisman, MSW, CSP, PR Hound and flummoxed in St. Louis


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  1. Roger Carr said

    My wife and I had a similar experience. When her business and products were featured on Good Morning America we expected additional orders to start pouring in. The orders were were lackluster. However, when we made it in a review in one issue of the Wall Street Journal, the orders did pour in. In fact, we were hearing from new customers more than a year later saying they were buying from us due to that one newspaper review.

    I did purchase and read your book “Raising Charitable Children” a few weeks ago. No, it wasn’t because of the Parade Magazine article. However, I was motivated, learned several things from the book, started using it and am glad I purchased it.

    You have written a great book. You should be proud of it (and I am sure you are).

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