Implementing a Philanthropic Idea

I love to get notes from people who have read my books and implemented suggestions. I was particularly touched by this note because Nurses for Newborns was my first client (you never forget your first!) and I had the privilege to work for Build-a-Bear Workshop as well. I have to remember to write a colleague and thank him for an idea of his I used recently!  I wrote Deb and she gave me permission to reprint the following: 


I was pleased to get your note and see that you are continuing to spread the word.  I very much enjoyed meeting you last year and reading your book and would count that experience among the things that I am thankful for in 2007.  I implemented a couple of your suggestions with my kids including the birthday money.  Kristina decided to give her money to The Magic House to help them expand their space.  Elizabeth decided to give her money to Nurses for Newborns.  Both girls and their cousin went to Build a Bear and created three new bears each to contribute in kind to Nurses for Newborns as well.  They received a wonderful note from one of the nurses that took three of the bears to sisters that joyously received them stating that they never would have been able to have Build A Bears otherwise.  The joy of giving hit home for our girls in giving a gift that they would enjoy themselves.   All the best, Deb Grossman    


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