A Return to Sheriff Smith’s Boxer Shorts

Marriage is built on trust. When I had only been married for 27 years, I returned from Tyler, Texas with a pair of white boxer shorts emblazoned with the name of Sheriff Smith on the backside. Sheriff Smith is a fellow member of the National Speaker’s Association. When he heard that a CSP, namely moi, was speaking in town, he arranged with the United Way committee that was sponsoring my visit, to be included in lunch. Of the 85,000 good citizens of Tyler, only Sheriff Smith probably knew what a CSP was. It means that I have completed at least 250 speeches in a 5 year period for not less than a total of $250,000, for at least a 100 different clients. Because of this, he wanted to meet me.

 Sheriff Smith, a fellow speaker, was running for office. He brought me a pair of his signature campaign boxer shorts. When Frank saw them come out of my suitcase, he thought I owed him an explanation. Imagine that. He calmed down when I gave him the handy-dandy hand-cuff keyring I also scored from the good Sheriff.

 When I got the call from Kyle Penney from the East Texas Communities Foundation asking me to come back to Tyler to speak about Raising Charitable Children, one of my first questions was, “How is Sheriff Smith” Well, it turns out, he is running for office again. It is in my contract that Kyle is going to try to score me another pair of boxer shorts.

When I grow up, I want to have the marketing chops that Sheriff Smith does.

Carol Weisman, MSW, CSP Wearing my own undies


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